A Guide to Speleological Literature of the English Language 1794-1996

A GUIDE TO SPELEOLOGICAL LITERATURE opens the door to an amazingly diverse universe of books about caves: history, caving adventure, archeology, geology, biology, paleontology, conservation, exploration, show caves, and much more. Individual chapters cover the history of the literature of major sub-disciplines while indexes provide geographical, subject, and author access. In addition, noted authorities have provided introductions to the literature in the major areas of speleology. These contribute to making the book a good read. The most significant entries (about ten percent) are annotated by experts in the various fields. The editors traveled the world documenting the features of many of the over 3500 different books and booklets in the GUIDE. (The editors are now having their sanity checked). This work contains details on a large number of books that are not accessible through any other known index. It is indispensable for anyone interested in caves, karst, and speleology.

Published by Cave Books.

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