Kenneth Ingham

Kenneth Ingham near Cody, WY Kenneth Ingham hiking in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, NM
Here I am flying N9646L between Cody, WY and Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Ian Matterface? Here I am hiking in the Sandia Mountains, near Albuquerque, NM. Photo by Diana Northup.
Kenneth Ingham with two planes
At one time, I was lucky enough to own two airplanes, N9646L an American Aviation AA-1B and N28515 a Grumman-American Tiger. Now, we only own the Tiger. Photo by Diana Northup.

I was a PhD student at the University of New Mexico Computer Science Department working with Stephanie Forrest. For the interested, my dissertation is available in two forms: two-sided printing and one-sided printing.
A few PhD-related sites that I found interesting and/or helpful:

I am the author of UNIX Tool Building Academic Press, 1990, ISBN 0-12-370830-0. I think it may be out of print. I am also one of the editors for A Guide to Speleological Literature of the English Language 1794-1996 Diana Northup, Emily Davis Mobley, Kenneth Ingham, William Mixon, editors. Cave Books, 1998.
Hardbound: ISBN 0-939748-51-7.
Paperback: ISBN 0-939748-52-5.

I do a lot of photography. You can see some of my photos (including published photos) here.

My wife and I share our life with five cats.

A resume (CV) is on-line.

My current PGP key is available on the key servers and its fingerprint is:

3714 BCFC C40D 2746 183C  9EA1 BC17 4B5E 6DD6 3EC5

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